Sunday, January 10, 2010


Lay It Down First

Lay it down first
That puzzle piece that’s you
Squeezing into spaces left
Is an unwise thing to do
As valuable as anything
That piece uniquely you
So lay down your piece first
To yourself you should be true

If you lay down your piece first
And others do the same
You’ll find the pieces fit together
Without anyone the same
If you feel you don’t fit
That your piece feels all wrong
Look and see if you were trying
To fit where you don’t belong

Lay down your piece first
Be true to who you are
Without honouring your piece
You won’t get very far
If others try and change you
Or you try and change for them
You’ll only wind up miserable
And where will you be then?

No one can do you better
So please be who you are
Take the chance to be the best
At who you truly are
Lay down your piece first
Because it would be a shame
A puzzle picture without you
Just wouldn’t be the same

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